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DHD Takes on the Crisis in Haiti with the Help of Georgette Mulheir

July 13, 2021

Turmoil has once again taken over Haiti as it struggles through a period led by a dysfunctional parliament and President Juvenal Moise, who many compare to a dictator. Moise has done little to create a timeline for free elections as required. Defend Haiti’s Democracy advocacy group is trying to raise global awareness of the current…

Georgette Mulheir Pushes to Defend Haiti´s Democracy

May 21, 2021

The life and career of Georgette Mulheir have been dedicated to helping others and being of service. The latest cause taking the attention of the British activist is the ongoing political situation in Haiti. The continued political unrest and humanitarian problems in Haiti are of grave concern to Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti’s Democracy. The…