Tom Keane Leads the Office 365 Team

Tom Keane served as group leader for the Azure-based team that built “The World’s Computer.” According to the engineer, “I’ve had the good fortune to create hyper-scale infrastructure over the past ten years in more than 30 nations. I’ve focused on providing data residency and high availability for 85% of global GDP.” Everything said is accurate. Tom Keane’s attempts to develop a global product in a rapidly evolving legal and cyber sovereignty environment have had a profound impact on the computing industry.

“My capacity to construct and disrupt is what inspires me,” continued Keane. Over the past 20 years, I’ve spent much of my time pursuing my passion for business, growth, and lifelong learning. The widespread computing and hyper-scale clouds that make it feasible have only begun to cause a digital upheaval. For Tom Keane, a new class of tasks and situations can be developed as a result of digital disruption. Keane announced that he was leaving Microsoft at this time. 

“I’m excited to say that I’m leaving Microsoft and pursuing my career goal of building the next generation of computers. While I am excited to embark on my future adventure, I am equally proud of the last 21 years, Tom Keane added. His tenure at Microsoft has resulted in a plethora of innovation, including his work as a founding member of the Office 365 team, which he assisted in growing to 80,000 clients and 110 million end users in a couple of years; his work in cyber sovereignty, encompassing privacy, compliance, and data residency; which has been utilized by European governments, U.S. defense organizations, and intelligence operations; and, most notably, the breakthroughs his team has achieved within the field of cyber sovereignty.

He spearheaded the fight to open up the cloud to China, Africa, and a host of other emerging nations. He managed Azure’s development into 35 additional countries while serving as corporate vice president at Microsoft. Tom Keane created the extra technology required to integrate cloud computing with satellites in orbit for commercial and federal uses. “I’m particularly pleased with the work my team and I have done for the American government over the past couple of years. 

In January 2020, we launched and were granted accreditation for the Azure Government Secret and Azure Government Top Secret cloud regions, according to Keane. He will be focusing on expanding the technologies he played such a key role in software developing during his tenure at Microsoft after leaving his record of accomplishments there. Tom Keane has frequently emphasized the great potential of The World’s Computers to address difficult problems and increase accessibility, saying, “I feel extremely blessed that I get to engage in and help build technology that may be utilized to dramatically benefit our world.