About Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson

As a partner at premier entertainment firm Granderson & Company, Damien Granderson advises top clients on developing lasting relationships through creative communications. His strategy includes leveraging technology to build strong brand identities and manage client expectations for long-term financial growth.

Over the last year, he has worked closely with fellow Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin in order to launch his solo career, releasing two albums in 2016 alone. He also signed contracts with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. As a leading player in the music business, Damien Granderson is known for his ability to identify talent and help develop them into major recording artists through creative marketing strategies. 

These include performance agreements with the popular online game Fortnite and the Pepsi SuperBowl HalftimeShow, an endorsement agreement with Mcdonald’s and a Talent Agreement in connection with Balvin’s Documentary “The Boy From Medellin”. Damien Granderson also won An Endorsement Agreement with Guccy for their “Life Of A Rockstar” Campaign, which launches in the Fall of 2020.

In addition to a Partnership with A$AP Worldwide, which includes Special Collaborative Drops throughout the duration of the deal. He also Represents ApRocky in his endorsement agreement with Gucci For Their Life Of A Rock Star Campaign, Which Launches In The Fall Of 2020. Damien Granderson made a case with Aap Worldwide’s Partnership With PacSun, which includes special collaborative drops throughout its term.

Notable deals include:

J. Cole’s endorsement and collaboration agreement with PUMA.

Singer/songwriter HER’s endorsement agreement with Tommy.

Ne-Yo’s partnership with the streaming and tech companies Lüm.

Damien Granderson finally adds how Guy Blake, the company’s founder and general manager, has collaborated with massive world record labels, artists, producers, composers, musician administrators, attorneys, and investment bankers to establish effective monetization strategies. His creative history includes work as an artist, as well as a television journalist.