Kristin Ihle Helledy, President of Avant, Shares Her Experience in the CEO Spotlight

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a team builder, helping organizations meet goals through shared understanding and a desire to achieve excellence. Avant uses a performance-driven model for leadership development and organizational transformation. Top performers need to learn to be comfortable setting and holding themselves accountable.

The role of a leader in peak performance

A good leader is highly motivational and will “stick to the beat” no matter the circumstances. Leadership is a result of culture. Good leaders do a better job at creating the right culture than those who attempt to lead with fear. One of the best ways to create a motivated and empowered team is to stay relevant. To be relevant, you must identify the skills and practices currently in use, understand what is working, and explore how to add these practices that do not replace or negatively impact what is happening presently.

Culture and leadership

Kristin Ihle Helledy focuses her leadership teams on core values, sustainable excellence, and genuine connection. “Connecting to people is very powerful – especially in business. The ability to get to know your clients or potential clients and your people is important to me. That’s how I can guide them, and I am their mentor, guide, and cheerleader. I believe in giving the team freedom, space, and dignity. In many ways, people are free agents; I need to create opportunities for their success.”


Successful business owners understand the importance of empowering employees. According to Ihle Helledy , empowering individuals is essential for leadership success. Working in academia and athletics, she is well-versed in business and customer interaction, giving her an edge in finding talent to join Avant’s talent acquisition team.

Why performance excellence?

Dr. Kristin Ihle Helledy:

“I have focused my career on helping talented people perform higher. I know the feeling of being the best at something in a team and how it feels to be a part of a group that performs at a higher level than you can yourself.”

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