About Du Shuanghua and the Sale of Rizhao Steel

In March 2003, Mr Du partnered with the local authority in Rizhao, Shandong Province, to build a world-class steel factory known as Rizhao Steel. Rizhao Steel Holding Co. Ltd is viewed as one of China’s largest privately owned steel producers, operational in 181 days of building. DU chairs the company, and he has a history of making the most of his leadership position to acquire success. Charity work for children has been a priority for Du showing his personality and interest in helping people. The sale of Rizhao Steel was a big step for the firm in 2010. Rizhao Steel was supposed to combine with Shandong Iron & Steel in 2009 and then undergo a restructure. The Shandong Steel Group held 67 percent and Du Shuanghua 33 percent in the reconstituted firm. Located in Jinan, Shandong Steel is a Chinese steelmaker with a high output of steel, making it one of the largest producers in the world.

During the first stage of the transition, Shuanghua was to have stayed in command of a Rizhao steel subsidiary that was largely independent. Nine years of growth have resulted in the creation of a fully integrated business group that includes sintering and pellet production and the production of slag iron and steel. The company has several employees and adheres to the laws and regulations of the industry, which is the secrete to its success in the industry. Reorganization and collaboration between Shandong steel and Rizhao Steel and Shandong’s aim of shifting its industry from the interior to the coastal cities have achieved great progress.

Billionaire Du Shuanghua, who made his fortune selling iron ore in Singapore, established and controls Rizhao. Since his birth in Beijing in 1965, Mr Du Shuanghua has had extensive experience working in the steel industry. Jinghua Innovation Group Co., Ltd. was formed in 2003 when Mr Du consolidated all of his steel pipe manufacturing companies under one.

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