Gary McGaghey Evolution of His Chief Financial Officer Role in 2022

The role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has been experiencing challenges in 2022, including inflation, unclear tax policies, Covid-19 new variants, and inadequate talent. According to the survey by PwC, one of the possible solutions to cope with this issue is captivating and retaining skills that always play a pivotal role in growth. Every strategic CFO must collaborate effectively with other stakeholders to retain superlative talents to boost growth and expansion. They must work collaboratively with the tax lenders to resolve the debt-ceiling issues and encourage the growth plan.

Most of the CFOs are optimistic about the future because of the increasing embracement of technology. Business transformation will save on cost, generate revenue, and ensure customer satisfaction. For that reason, a significant percentage of CFOs are constantly training the workers to embrace innovation and transparency matters that save time in business operations, which promotes growth and efficiency. The CFOs need to consider investing in data analytics, cloud technology, and automation to boost efficiency.

Gary McGaghey is among the top CFO serving in the same role in different organizations. He obtained a bachelor of commerce from the University of Natal and a postgraduate from the University of South Africa. Gary is also a chartered management accountant and holds an independent Director Diploma. He is the current CFO at Williams Lea Tang, playing an essential role in financial-related matters, including consolidating the assets, overseeing property disposal, reviewing the balance sheet, and overseeing the business reorganization.

Before joining Lea Tang, Gary McGaghey worked at Robertson as the Chief Operating Officer, logistic vice president, Audit committee member, and board member. When Unilever obtained Robertson’s branches, he remained in the Unilever department of Best foods Robertsons for three years. He then shifted to Unilever in South Africa and finally global Pepsi Lipton.

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