How Dr Barry Lall Helped The Pinnacle Hotels To Excel

Dr. Bharat Lall has had the opportunity to work in two professions, as a physician and a manager in the hotel industry. Bharat leveraged his skill in medicine to enable him to work successfully in the hotel industry.

Barry has singled out every hotel predicament he comes across as a patient and looked for ways he could specifically diagnose the root causes of its distressing problem. He then offers the standard and correct medicine or solution for it. This strategy is how he has built his business empire of Pinnacle Hotels USA to date.

History of Pinnacle Hotels

Dr. Bharat Lall is a certified physician who has practiced medicine in the United States. He was responsible for the lives of many patients, which gave him a lot of emotional gratification. However, the profession did not satisfy his entrepreneurial nature and led him to grow tired. Barry decided to take a leap of faith after seeing an advert for the sale of a motel lodge in California.

He purchased the property and took time to update the walls, replace the windows and create spreadsheets. Barry learned how to manage the hotel, which he was able to flip to gain profit. This initial step is what has led to the establishment of Pinnacle Hotels, which currently manages over seven restaurants and more than 1,000 keys of establishments.

Pinnacle Hotels and Hyatt Regency Richardson

Dr. Bharat Lall looked at Hyatt Regency as a potential hotel that had a greater advantage for growth. Hyatt Regency was located in a great location and had adequate facilities for success. However, the hotel was ineffectively managed and had a weak brand that did not attract potential guests. Barry took on a $13million dollar renovation on the guestrooms, meeting space, and lobby.Refer to this article for additional information.

He enlisted Pinnacle Hotels USA to be under the best management company, Aimbridge Hospitality. He also rebranded the hotel from Hyatt to Hilton. This has put the Dallas-based hotel in the range of grand hotels and has great potential for success.

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