Wes Edens- Advancing Liquefied Natural Gas in Mauritania

Wes Edens, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for New Fortress Energy, Inc. has announced through company spokesmen that his company has signed a Memo of Understanding with the nation of Mauritania to provide Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). His “Fast Liquefied Natural Gas” (Fast LNG) will produce the product in the Atlantic basin offshore from Mauritania. This gas will be used for local needs and as an export product for the country.

In a statement, Wes Edens has said that the production of liquefied natural gas from the fields offshore from Mauritania will help to push forward the use of cleaner natural gasses throughout the world. By increasing the supply of natural gas and modern power structures, prices will become more affordable and gas will be cleaner and more reliable. This will help the industrial capability of Mauritania to move forward more rapidly. This is key to stability and sustainable economic growth for Mauritania by unlocking its potential to be a top exporter of LNG and blue ammonia. Blue ammonia is made from hydrogen gas and is seen as a marker for the world in its global move to cleaner fuels. It only releases water vapor when it is burned.

New Fortress Energy (NFE), led by Wes Edens is a global company dealing with energy infrastructure. Mr. Edens founded the company to move the global transition to cleaner energy. NFE finances build and operate natural gas infrastructures. It also provides the logistics to quickly deliver ready-to-go energy operations. All this is done in order to allow economic growth and to increase and deepen stewardship of the environment. These efforts will transform local communities and their industries.