The Success Of Tieks

Currently, with the emerging mechanization in our world most individuals tend to make great use of the resources at hand to empower the society. Kfir Gavrieli is one such individual being the inventor and manager of Tieks. It is a state-of-the-art firm that deals exclusively with ladies’ shoes. The flat shoes are known for their convenience and lightweight. Due to their online marketing strategies, Tieks is now the leading designer firm.

For Kfir however, it is not always about making profit from the brand. His main objective was to see through that his organization impacted the less fortunate women. This was through his Gavrieli Foundation that lends loans at low interest rates to the women who are embarking on the business world. The Foundation works hand in hand with KIVA to give assistance to the businesspeople.

It is due to their endless determination to see through that all activities in the firm is done with utmost precision that made the Tieks be very successful. This became a great deal when they launched a new set of ballet shoes in the 20s. Gavrieli accredits his victory to his forks who were a role model as well as mentors to him. He learnt that being industrious and earnest in work could lead to great success in future.

One of the greatest achievements of Tieks was evident early last year during the epidemic, when the company launched the Operation #SewTogether. It made headlines by making and supplying a lot of face masks for all the medical practitioners who were in need of them. Once Kfir noticed the scarcity of PPE in the hospitals, he organized his employees at Tieks who pitched in and sewed over a million face masks. Tikes offered rewards to every individual who joined the campaign to donate personal protection equipment to the healthcare workers.

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