Andrew Alexander’s creations helped him build his 35 million empire

Some say that there is no better cure for any disease than the medicine of laughter. Throughout history there have been many Comedians, writers, actors, and entertainers who have made it their jobs to bring joy, laughter, and other great emotions into people’s lives. One of does creators, that has played a big role in the world of timeless entertainers is one of Chicago’s natives, that knows what it takes to make a funny sitcom, Mr. Andrew Alexander.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with, Mr. Andrew Alexander and some of his work, here is a small biography of exactly who he is. Born and raised in Chicago, Andrew Alexander made his first appearance in showbiz, in the early 80s. Known mostly for being the producer, co- founder and writer on the “ SCTV Network. The show first aired in 1981 and remained on television until the year of 1983. Even though the, “SCTV Network,” played an important role in his career, alongside with making short films on the SCTV Network, Andrew Alexander is also responsible for shows like, “I, Martin Short, Goes Home, and of course his most infamous creation, “ The Second City Project.”

Andrew Alexander’s creations helped him build his 35 million empire, according to the online magazine “ChicogoMag.” And because of his accomplishments in the piece, Andrew Alexander was named one of Chicago’s influential individuals.

Although Andrew Alexander’s name may not ring big bells in the movie industry. It is safe to say his accomplishments will never be unnoticed, or even forgotten. In the world of movies, actors, producers, and writers, Andrew Alexander is an influential creator.

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