Georgette Mulheir Pushes to Defend Haiti´s Democracy

The life and career of Georgette Mulheir have been dedicated to helping others and being of service. The latest cause taking the attention of the British activist is the ongoing political situation in Haiti. The continued political unrest and humanitarian problems in Haiti are of grave concern to Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti’s Democracy. The political and social situation in the nation has descended to the point of a secret police force being established by President Jovenal Moise.

Defend Haiti’s Democracy has become concerned about the use of the secret police force to apprehend the political opponents of the President. The use of kidnapping is one of the most common practices by dictators and oppressive regimes. But Georgette Mulheir has decided to stop it through her Defend Haiti´s Democracy organization. The latest news from Haiti shows the secret force created that is loyal to the President has escalated its use of kidnap as a way of oppressing descent. There are several published incidents, including the attempted kidnap of a schoolchild by men who forced their way into the school. 

The city of Port-au-Prince is a target for the kidnapping gangs, which have been linked to several politicians. Defend Haiti’s Democracy has published reports detailing the use of kidnapping as a political tool to quell dissent among the masses. In Haiti, the areas under the control of opposition parties have become hubs for the widespread kidnappings that have taken place over the last two years. Georgette Mulheir is the figurehead of Defend Haiti’s Democracy and has always felt her role is to defend those who are suffering in society. In her birthplace in the north of England, the Oldham-born activist helped local women learn the English language and became an expert in social work. Mulheir came to international attention when she worked with teenaged Romanian mothers to help them keep their babies following the fall of the Soviet Union.