Jesse Willms Early Success in Technology

Jesse Willms did not waste time complaining about technology or resisting it when it hit the business world. The entrepreneur was among the first individuals to adopt this advancement and use it for his operations. The era came as a shock to traditional business professionals who were used to doing businesses in an easy manner. Jesse Willms started by capitalizing on the new ideas and making his investments better when other people complained about the hardships brought by technology. When all of this was taking place, Jesse Willms was very young, but he did not allow the chance to pass by. The first website created by Jesse many years ago, was known as eDirect Software. At this point of his life, the young entrepreneur was only sixteen years old, and he was confident of the decision he was making. Jesse Willms grew this organization even though he was a very young professional. The executive had twelve workers in the institution, and he had to teach himself how to operate his business and treat the workers perfectly. By the time he was turning eighteen the professional had been through several learning and trials. The errors he made taught him how to make better decisions in the future. 

After creating the first website, Jesse Willms made a lot of progress in the first two years. The business venture made Jesse Willms very proud because it helped him to create his first millions as an entrepreneur. Years later, however, eDirect began to experience major competition from a giant software organization called Microsoft. This massive organization brought Jesse down when they decided to sue him. At this time, Jesse was already one of the biggest distributors and resellers of bootleg in the best process. The young entrepreneur did not have enough funds to get a legal team to represent him in court because of the lawsuit presented by Microsoft.