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Gary McGaghey Recap

September 26, 2022

Gary McGaghey Recap is a website by Joe McGaghey, the creator of a mini-series that is currently airing on Showtime. The show recap was created to help people in watching their favorite shows without seeing a commercial break or having to wait for the next episode. Joe has written an article about his show and…

How CFOs Roles Have Changed In 2022: A Review Of Gary McGaghey

June 20, 2022

In the current unstable business environment, CFOs are required to implement better risk management models that will support business agility. Even though ownership of risk management might be spread across different departments of an organization, all of the departments are required to work hand-in-hand to enable growth. Using internal and external data, CFOs are able…

Outstanding performance of Gary McGaghey as CFO.

February 12, 2022

Gary McGaghey has served as the chief financial officer of Williams Lea Tag and group chief financial officer of international companies. He has the role of overseeing the company’s performance and cost restructuring. Furthermore, he oversees mergers, acquisitions, and balance sheet refinancing for the multibillion-dollar company. Before joining Williams Lea Tag, he served at Robertson’s,…