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What you Ought to Know about Alddo Molinar

August 11, 2021

Alddo Molnar is a passionate and renowned anesthesiologist currently working at East Ohio Regional Hospital. He is also attending medical services in Ohio Valley Medical Center. Alddo grew up in Texas, where his parents settled when they moved from Mexico. Of all his extended family members, he was the first to become a U.S. citizen,…

Chris Brummer Lecturing Broadly On Global Governance, Financial Regulation, and FinTech

May 20, 2021

Professor Chris Brummer is a lecturer, author, and creator of Washington Financial Technology Week. He teaches at the Law Center of Georgetown University, where he is the head of the Department of International Economic Law Institute. Dr. Chris Brummer has more than a decade of research experience in developing financial and regulatory policies. His technology…

Payam Banazadeh Impact on Technological Innovations

May 20, 2021

Payam Banazadeh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Capella Space, a progress-backed satellite imaging company. Capella Space uses Synthetic Aperture Radar to dispense round-the-clock observation of the globe, time, or climatic condition notwithstanding. An alumnus of the University of Texas, Austin Payam acquired a degree in Aerospace Engineering, later interned at NASA, and diligently worked…