How to Become A Boss With IM Academy

IM Academy is a training platform that educates students on financial markets. The platform aims at helping students become self-sufficient traders. IM Academy believes empowering students starts with increasing availability in quality resources. Its resources have allowed students to gain mastery and achieve great success online.

IM Academy Leadership

IM Academy is managed by Christopher Terry, the chief executive officer and the founder. Beside him is Isis Terry, the chief financial officer. She handles authenticating every financial transaction of the academy. Other leaders like Alex Morton and the Tapia family are responsible for all field operations. They are in-charge for the marketing of the company.

IM Academy Learning Structure

The academy divides its course structure into four academies. The academies each have different courses that are taught. They all use the same learning structure of pre-recorded videos combined with GoLive training sessions.

FRX Academy

FRX Academy involves training on foreign currency exchange. IM believes training on Forex would improve the lives of many people. This academy requires students to go through more than 70 video modules. Each video module contains a one-hour session with an educator. Examples of topics that students can expect include, basic information on forex studies.

DCX Academy

DCX academy trains on information relating to digital currency. Some of the topics to expect include learning on the different types of digital currencies and blockchain technology. This academy needs students to complete 25 recorded videos. It also allows students to access live sessions with IM trainers.

ECX Academy

This academy teaches its students on building online businesses. It teaches students the tricks of profiting from e-commerce markets. Topics that students can expect include the basics of how to set up payment processing and catering for online markets. This academy has a lot of courses to study. It has over 400 video modules that students are expected to cover. It has the same structure as other academies of integrating videos and live sessions.

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