Dallas Dean Omar Firm Grooves the Gavel

Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a law firm in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Jessica M. Dean and Trey Branham, this firm focuses its practice on enforcing the full scope of workers’ rights set forth by courts across the nation. When business administrators blatantly disregard these rights, the Dean Omar Branham Shirley firm uses the power of the firm’s precedent-setting court decisions to punish them and get their industries up to speed.

 From corporate accountability law to workplace safety litigation, their attorneys aim to keep the people working for them safely. As an independent law firm, every employee can turn to Dean Omar for qualified legal representation when things go wrong on the job – and they will be supported with everything they need to build a strong rock-solid case. The Dean Omar Shirley team is confident enough in your ability to grab a share in the lead.

Dean Omar Branham Shirley believes that safety at the workplace is a right that all the industrious citizens of Texas and beyond should enjoy. Their legal team works to promote low-income workers’ and individuals’ rights, favors, and freedoms. The firm starts with smart solutions into solutions to suit your situation, style, and manner.

The firm spells out its expectations from corporations, and those that don’t adhere serve dire consequences. The team utilizes law to its fullest extent, pushing for the unadulterated rights of its clients. The firm’s purpose is to provide sound measures to people who are against “at least” as much as everyone else.

The firm works to provide a means for the dismissal of unlawful employers, ensuring that those guilty of harassment and any such acts do not continue their employment in workers’ rights. The team at no point apologizes for the understated necessity of this groundbreaking instance of uncompromising legal pursuit. The winning combination at Dean Omar is drawn from an internal organic source: from assessing cases against their renowned jury of decades’ more meaningful experience and capabilities with superior skill.

It is also important to note that Dean Omar Shirley also participates in philanthropy works. It strives to give back to the community to make it more generous and spread the word about changes in workplace safety. They also participate in employment class action lawsuits.