The Multi-Million Dollar Business Mind of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is a social entrepreneur who is the founder of period-proof underwear companies, THINX alternative pizza company, and Tushy. She is well known for her stunning ideas of changing multi-million-dollar businesses.

Her creativity has made her transform many lives. A good example is a revolutionary bidet company that has helped many Americans find a new toilet method. So many great people have given views about her creativity, naming her as a true force of nature, an unstoppable force.

She has partnered with Mindvalley, a leading platform on issues concerning personal growth, to offer business courses on how one can be a great entrepreneur. This program gives business-minded people steps on how they can develop brands. Miki Agrawal comes up with points on how to create a multi-million dollar business, and the first one concerns the ideas that help create a background for the company. Other topics include the formula for winning product development, zero to 100 marketing games, and establishing a community that is beneficial to the brand, among others.

Through her habit of industrial disruption and culture-changing, Fast company has named her as most creative. On the other hand, Inc. magazine has named her the most impressive women entrepreneur. Miki Agrawal has been creating beneficial products for society, which is always her goal in life. She is the best-selling author and has joined the top worlds teachers. Apart from that, she is a former professional soccer player. Through Miki, it has become possible for many to unleash their ideas and transform their life

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