About Brandon Taubman’s Career in Data Analytics

An investment banker, a sports analyst, and a real estate developer, Brandon Taubman has 15 years of financial engineering and data science expertise. After working with the Houston Astros, where he was promoted to Assistant General Manager and handled research and innovation and scouting divisions, Stablewood hired him to lead the analytics effort. At Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital, Brandon Taubman started evaluating complicated credit and equity futures. Brandon Taubman graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in science.

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A Solid Basis for Data-Driven Decisions

Data drive Taubman. Even at an early age, you can see it in his business and academic endeavors. He was always drawn to mathematics and equations that helped him make better decisions about everything from hobbies to homework. So Taubman enrolled at Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Business and Finance in his pursuit of this goal.

Studying in a classroom how numerical economic theories might lead to patterns in decision-making or real-world settings piqued Taubman’s interest in them. Data-driven decision-making was in high demand across many businesses, but none more so than in the financial services sector. Taubman began a career balancing speculation with data, although some may view his work as reactive financial and reporting processes.

While on Wall Street, Taubman valued complicated credit and equity swaps for organizations including Barclays Capital and Ernst & Young. Models and predictive analytics were used extensively in these jobs to account for the multitude of variables in asset allocation. An ever-changing economy was no match for Taubman’s ability to consider many market variables and reduce investment risk. To meet the demands of creditors and borrowers, commodities are acquired, sold, or exchanged for varying risks and premiums depending on various circumstances.

Taubman is likely to present a legendary career in data-based choice with risk reduction for portfolio management. With expertise using multiple statistical analysis software, he is privileged to suggest and manage firm-wide technology.