About Jessica Dean’s Motivation

Jessica Dean has been practicing law since 2003. She is one of the leading attorneys in the country and a partner at Dean, Omar, Shirly, and Braham in Texas. Jessica has devoted herself to employing the justice system to individuals accountable for harming others. 

She is a lawyer in Houston, Texas. Jessica Dean has practiced criminal defense on both the state and federal levels. Also, she is a member of the Federal Bar Association and the Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Jessica Dean attended law school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (UMKC) from 2000-2003. She graduated with honors and was a Dean’s List student. While in law school, Jessica passed the bar exam on her first attempt. 

She also received an award for having the highest academic average among African American students during her 1L year. In addition to attending UMKC, she attended undergraduate school at Hampton University from 1996-2000.

Why Did Jessica Go to Law School?

Jessica was one of those odd people who knew what she wanted to do when she was 16. She wanted to be a lawyer because lawyers help people solve problems and because it seemed like an exciting job that would yield reasonable compensation over time.

What Does Jessica You Like Best About Being a Lawyer?

The best thing she likes about being a lawyer is her satisfaction from helping people solve their legal problems. It might be helping someone who’s been wrongly accused of a crime, a business get out of a bad contract, or negotiating a settlement for a client. Also, she like the challenge of trying cases in court and the intellectual stimulation of legal research.