Venture Capitalist and Founder of Cirq le Soir

Ryan Bishti is a well-known venture capitalist and founder of Cirq le Soir, London’s newest burlesque club. The Windmill Theatre in Soho is now home to this establishment which opened its doors in September 2017.

The Windmill Theatre has been dubbed the “iconic” theatre for nudity ever since it first opened in 1931 during the Golden Age of Burlesque. It was one of the few places where women could perform on stage without being censored or banned.

Bisht is no stranger to the industry, having started as a performer in 2007. He then realized there was a lack of places for burlesque enthusiasts to go and dance the night away. This led him to start Cirq le Soir to create “a fun, flirty and creative space”.

Bisht’s vision was to create a place where people could go out and enjoy the art of burlesque without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. This is why he wanted Cirq le Soir to be an intimate venue with rotating shows throughout the night, encouraging audience members to get up on stage themselves if they wished. It’s safe to say that Bisht has been successful in his endeavor, with Cirq le Soir quickly becoming one of the most popular burlesque clubs in London.

However, the theatre closed down in 1964, and it wasn’t until 2007 that it reopened thanks to Ryan Bishti and his business partner. The two of them have worked hard to restore the theatre to its former glory by bringing back classic burlesque shows and introducing new acts such as Cirq le Soir.

The club has been a huge success, and it’s clear that Ryan Bishti knows how to create a winning formula. He is passionate about his work, and it shows in the amazing performances at Cirq le Soir. If you’re looking for an exciting night out in London, be sure to check out this club!