Citizen App Introduces A Feature To Enhance Security

Citizen App has launched its first paid feature where you can get connected to a security agent as fast as possible. People get involved in unsecure situations, but they do not know what to do. The security feature introduced by the Citizen App allows people to get a direct connection to security agents who will respond fast. For example, you can get a connection to a security agent if you feel like you are threatened. When you get a quick connection to the security agents, it becomes easy to avoid cases that can compromise the security further.

First paid tool

Citizen App has been available free to users, but they decided to introduce more features under the paid version. The useful app has been very effective in enhancing the security of users. To make it more effective in enhancing the security of people, they decided to have a paid version that will allow quick connection to the security agents. You can now feel safer when using the app because it simplifies the way you can call for help fast with the latest features.

Connection to safety agents

There are different safety agents you can reach out via the app. For example, you can decide to reach out to the police, firefighters, or even the rescue team in case of floods. The easy-to-use app makes it possible for users to get help as fast as possible. You can use cunt on the app to simplify how you can call for security at any time. With the highly effective app, you will always realize the best results when seeking security help.Go to this page for more information.

Protect feature

The Citizen app has introduced is referred to as the “Citizen Protect” feature. The feature simplifies how you can reach out for help when in distress. The app makes it easy to connect to security agents within a short period and take necessary actions.

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