Jake Medwell Joins Forces With Lineage

Recently, 8VC and Lineage Logistics teamed up to make a reality for many startups who are focused towards the logistics and transportation sector through investing.

This will not be the first time for a collaboration, as both worked together under the investment firm Lineage Ventures, which helped many ventures to get off and running financially.

Not only this, but the other processes used by 8VC are able to expand the Lineage portfolio.

Having this partnership will allow the supply chain to advance innovatively. Both will also be joining together on a financial level to assist startups specializing in the supply chain. By joint investing, they will be able to develop the needed technology as well as producing products from current property held by Lineage.

According to 8VC ofunder Jake Medwell, he believes that along with the growth of Lineage, its dedication to the technology used as well as making alliances with great tech companies that stride to reduce waste, has made them a great company that thinks ahead. With that, it is obvious that there is so much more to learn and apply, so this partnership will allow both companies to grow stronger together.

While both companies wil be working closely together, Jake Medwell will only be advising Lineage, which Lineage´s CIO, Sadarsan Thattai will be advising 8VC.

According to Sadarsan, the time spent working with Jake Medwell has been well worth it all. Not only has he helped with technology, such as implementing data science components, and making industry advancements. There is also a firm understanding of how each company works and are comfortable with any risks that may arise.

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