PosiGen Solar Energy Drives the Future of Solar Powered Innovation

When it comes to solar energy, PosiGen solar power company is well known for leading in both innovation and making the technology more widely available. This is because not only does the company push the boundaries of what’s possible with solar power, they focus their efforts on providing low-to-moderate income communities with opportunities to invest in this amazing new technology.

A New Kind of Solar Power Program

PosiGen solar power company wants to bring solar power to the working class, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. While solar power used to be associated with more affluent communities due to its costs, the solar power company has found ways to reduce costs and make this technology available to more impoverished areas. To help facilitate their goal of putting solar power in the hands of those who stand to most benefit from it, PosiGen charges no installation fees, and maintenance and monitoring are included in the package. This has allowed them to install solar panels for over 18,000 customers to date.

A Five-Part Process

Providing solar power to the working class entails a five-step program. First comes design and engineering, then the permits and approvals that will be needed. After that, PosiGen will begin installation and do a final inspection. When all is well, they will activate the solar panels, allowing the residents to improve home efficiency, and save money on utilities. It should also be mentioned that PosiGen installs a two-direction net meter. Basically what this does is monitor how much solar power a home uses, and how much is diverted from the grid. This ensures that they are credited for the energy that their solar panels produced.