An Overview of John Ritenour, the Owner of Insurance Office of America

John Ritenour has always had a burning desire to be successful. After working at the steel mill, he moved on and became an insurance sales agent for other people’s homes. Before opening up his own company in 1982 with some help from past colleagues who knew him well enough by then, it worked out pretty nicely. The man’s drive, coupled with his quick study skills, made all these things possible. Not only did John open up another business, but he also worked himself through college while still managing two others simultaneously.

John Ritenour passed on the leadership to his son while still guiding him through decision-making processes. John’s primary aim was for IOA to continue within the family to keep its legacy alive by following closely after his best service-oriented work ethic. Heath has been guided since childhood when his father handed down responsibility as a head office at this leading agency 23 years ago. He knows how important customer satisfaction is. Therefore, Heath implements every measure available towards ensuring quality products/services and an excellent knowledge base across the entire staff database.

John Ritenour has been an award-winning businessman. He attributes all of his success to hard work. Ritenour emphasizes it himself for inspiration from others who are as driven in their respective fields. His son looks up to John as both a role model but also someone he can emulate. They share similar goals about how to run businesses successfully while maintaining good relationships with customers along the way.

A while ago, IOA started offering insurance to major sports teams. They are complicated and have high-risk issues like football or basketball. However, their company ensures they thoroughly analyze all risks involved for comprehensive coverage adequate to protect athletes from any lawsuits if need be at hand (and also looking out). The process is done correctly by the IOA national Insurance Agency and thorough analysis of every detail about your business, including what strategies go into making those star-studded salaries knowing everything is covered.

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