ZeroAvia is Expanding its Hydrogen-Electric Aviation program

ZeroAvia is at the forefront in developing hydrogen-powered plants. Recently, they developed Dornier 228 aircraft to run on hydrogen power. The emissions from regular aircraft lead to environmental pollution. As a way of making the environment clean, ZeroAvia has come up with a clean energy initiative. The initiative aims at developing hydrogen-powered airplanes. The development has been growing over time. To expand the industry, they tested it on a 19-seater aircraft, and it worked. 

19-Seat Aircraft development

The aircraft was based on the Dornier 228 aircraft body. The introduction of the hydrogen-powered engine made it easy to contribute to the environmental conversation. Governments and organizations interested in conserving the environment have welcomed the move by offering different forms of support. At ZeroAvia, is one of their core values.


Raising Additional $13 Million

As a way of making the development more successful, they decided to reach out to more investors. The investors managed to raise an additional $13 million. The funds will go a long way towards developing more planes that run on hydrogen. The end product of burning hydrogen is water. It is an effective way to reduce flue gases emitted when regular aircraft are in the air (Pitchbook). 

600kW hydrogen-electric power plant 

To avail more hydrogen to power the planes, ZeroAvia has developed a 600KW hydrogen power plant. The power plant will be involved in testing planes that run on hydrogen; many people are eager to learn more about the different moves the ZeroAvia company is making towards air pollution reduction. 

Clean hydrogen-electric aviation

The development of large-capacity aircraft is a positive move towards achieving clean aviation. There have been concerns about the amount of air pollution brought about by the burning of jet fuel. The development has contributed to the reduction of air pollution. They are targeting different prototypes that aim at transforming the way the aviation industry is run. They are researching more to make the technology readily available.