The Career of Thomas Neyhart at PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart is one of the lucky ones but has said that he does not take any of his success for granted. He came of age in the back streets of the big easy where he did his best to get to the top of his class by the time the last semester rolled around. When he was done with all of that, he did not know which college to enroll at since he had so many acceptance letters from many of the most prestigious colleges. 

But in the end, he knew LSU was the right path for him which is why he opted to become a tiger. When he arrived on campus, he knew he had to get the best grades possible if he wanted to have a shot at a successful career but did not know how to go about this. So Thomas Neyhart went to his teachers to see if there was anything he could do to bring up his GPA & sure enough, they gave him some extra credit work. 

By the time he was an upperclassman, he had managed to get it up to a solid 3.7 & was ready to enter the real world. So he finished as part of the class of 91 & decided he would start his own business called PosiGen. Thomas Neyhart had always been passionate about going green which is why he decided to make a whole company dedicated to this. It has since been going strong for more than a decade. 

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