Miki Agrawal on Marketing and Branding strategies.

Miki Agrawal as the TUSHY creator always gets proud of what she does and never fears to tell people. Her company makes bidets in the mainstream by ensuring a small option hooked in the toilet with no stress. They also provide another better version for anyone who travels and can get used anywhere. Miki Agrawal, and aspirational with respected artful, cope through the sinful nature where she executes all the bodily functions intending to make people get

As with the TUSHY products, Bidets need to get familiarized with all parts of the world, especially in the United States, where few people use it. Most people fail to use it, so they do not know how it works, while others worry about the level of cleanliness they are expected to have. Miki Agrawal needs much work in branding and marketing the products to ensure most get to use them.

The TUSHY product ensures the toilet paper gets utilized 80 percent less, thus helping in saving and giving more advanced ideas aimed at human hygiene. The marketing focuses on body language and human poses that they believe will make everyone use their products.

Miki Agrawal believes in ensuring her campaigns are inspirational and offer more information to attract more interest and use TUSHY products. By doing this, they will stop using standard toilet paper for TUSHY products through her brand voice, and in these, they bring all the guards from people down.

Miki Agrawal believes in ensuring to keep changing marketing models to avoid people getting bored at all. She believes visuals need to be incorporated in the campaigns to bring the actual brand, thus becoming more artful. The main goal is not to offend others but to ensure the company gets known and their products get used in providing protection and cleanliness in our universe.

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