Cleanaway’s Fortunes under Vick Bansal

Cleanaway has been making major developments in the Australian waste management industry after making a remarkable recovery from tough times a while back. Just recently, Cleanaway made acquisitions in the state of Victoria that included recycling facilities which play an important role in improving Australia’s economy.

Vik Bansal has been lauded as the man responsible for Cleanaway’s focus on creating a waste management system that strives for a sustainable environment that is conducive to future generations.

When Vik Bansal joined Cleanaway back in 2015, it took him around two years to galvanize the entire organization towards a unified objective. At the time, Vik acknowledged that Australia produces a large amount of waste, creating a market for Cleanaway to provide sustainable waste management solutions.

Instead of embarking on a typical rebranding campaign, Vik Bansal wants his company to offer a service that guarantees future goals of converting waste materials into useful materials in line with the Australian government’s sustainable future goals.

Cleanaway has been following an operational strategy dubbed Footprint 2025 that serves as a long-term roadmap that Vik Bansal believes will keep the company in the sustainable waste management industry as a leading example for others to emulate.

Part of Cleanaway’s sustainable goals are sourced from the United Nations development goals and are annually published as a comprehensive report detailing the company’s efforts towards achieving public accountability.

Vik Bansal has also improved relations between Cleanaway and its stakeholders within the organization and complementary industries, and the government. Acquisitions and joint ventures have helped Mr. Bansal’s company expand the base assets and resources essential for a collaborative plastic recycling program with the government’s shift towards a circular economy where waste is reprocessed into other useful materials.

Apart from waste management, Mr. Bansal has held numerous leadership positions within Valmont Industries Inc.’s ventures group. He is an electrical engineer with work experience at One Steel Limited and a fellow at Engineers Australia.

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