Haroldo Jacobovicz. A Successful Brazilian-Based Businessperson

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a telecommunication expert in Brazil who co-founded several telecom firms that have thrived to prosperity reaching international levels. Haroldo Jacobovicz has played a significant role in the establishment of the Horizons Data Center. Similarly, he is actively involved in founding another leading Brazilian-based telecom firm, e-Govern Group. The experience and skills Haroldo has in information technology have contributed to the success of several firms. He is at the frontline assisting these telecommunication firms in streamlining their operations and enhancing productivity. Haroldo’s step towards establishing communication and telecommunication firms has contributed to bringing transformational technologies. His prosperity is contributed by several factors, including a clear understanding of entrepreneurship, business management, and vast IT skills. Since eternity, Haroldo Jacobovicz has always had a great passion and desire for technology. His parents have always supported him through his career, serving as a source of motivation and inspiration.

From the start, Haroldo worked cautiously, taking baby steps to the top level. He started venturing into entrepreneurship while at college. In 1982, he founded his first firm together with his college friends. He has worked with many firms, including the Esso company, that has equipped him with vast IT and technology skills. He began developing an interest in business development and felt that it was time for him to establish his firm. While working in these firms, Haroldo Jacobovicz rose to higher ranks because of his personality and commitment. Jacobovicz owns two leading telecommunication firms in Brazil: Horizon Datacenter and Horizon Telecoms, respectively.

As the owner and founder of these firms, he ensures they grow and attain higher market ranks. Haroldo talks of partnership and hard work as factors that should be embraced for the success of any company. Quality in product and service provision is also integral if you are looking forward to business growth. He acknowledges the role played by his parents towards his success.