8VC, The Most Active and Interactive Investor

Transportation and logistics for freight tech has matured very well from its start back in 2015. From the very start, 8VC has worked behind the scenes to help initiate and enhance freight tech used today. 8VC, co-founded by Mr. Jake Medwell, began the freight tech investment as a form of hustle to earn a reputation around the community. The common belief within 8VC states emerging platforms will replace the previous and outdated technology infrastructure within industries, producing greater ideas and inspirations and global growth.

The company has initiated 14 deals over the past year, earning the title of most active investor in the freight tech business by FreightWaves, which holds true to that belief. Breaking away from the common process many other investors use, Medwell and his company choose to make broad investments in healthcare, logistics, and the Biotechnology side of the freight tech industry. Delving deep into the roots of each subject, 8VC intends as a whole to enhance the core infrastructure. Many of the main investors and heavy spenders for such investments have seen the previously stated and view and attempt to mirror investments in startup companies, increasing the possibilities for a safer and advanced process for the freight industry. What the future holds for 8VC and the freight tech industry remains unknown, but filled with bright intentions and promising investments.

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