Jason Hope Reviews Why Africa is Rapidly Incorporating Internet of Things

Africa has always been perceived as one of the poorest continents in the world. Data shows that most of the poor countries are also ranked in Africa. There are very many things that have contributed to the poverty levels, such as political instability, underutilization of available resources, and low educational levels. However, everything seems to be currently changing, and Africa is leading in the adoption of technology and especially the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is the face behind the famed Internet of Things, and he has been predicting that the interconnection of computers will soon become one of the most innovative technologies that will change the world. 

Jason Hope

However, the adoption of such technologies in most of the developed countries has been very slow. There is a perception that most of these countries have remained conservative to the different types of technologies that they have been using for many years. However, a recent article indicates that more than half of the countries that have adopted the Internet of Things are currently located in Africa. According to Jason Hope, there is a feeling that most of the countries in this region have been doing everything necessary so that they can embrace the internet of things that will help them in handling most of the operational challenges that have been affecting such countries for many years.

As an activist investor and successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope has already seen, the motivation behind the use of the Internet of Things in Africa has everything to do with the scarcity of resources. Africa is currently growing at a rapid rate, which means that the demand for raw materials and other resources has been at the highest levels. However, some of the modern technologies have not been very effective in promoting efficiency, which explains why it has been very hard for such countries to rely on such innovations and thereby turning to the Internet of Things.