Liu Qiangdong's Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Liu’s earlier life was challenging because he was born just after his parents had lost their wealth. Therefore, he never got the privilege most successful business people got from their parents when growing up. Unlike most successful entrepreneurs that received financial support from their parents when starting their careers, a significant percentage of Qiangdong’s success has come from his hard work.

When Liu’s parents lost their riches, they started farming rice on their small piece of land. When they went out to the farm, Liu stayed with his grandmother. The two would work in the house all day long. They also went out shopping from time to time. The time Liu Qiandong spent with his grandmother was the perfect opportunity to learn different innovations.

When he was not helping her with household chores, Liu explored the environment and used whatever he found to create various items. However, it was during a school trip with his friends that Liu became more interested in innovation. When he saw electricity working for the first time, Liu Qiangdong’s mind changed. From then on, he vowed to work hard in his studies, to get a chance to go for higher education in a developed city.

Liu worked hard and got a chance to attend a good university before becoming a businessperson. However, his entrepreneurship journey was not smooth. Liu Qiangdong first opened a restaurant but closed it after a few months after he faced challenges managing it. He then sought employment and worked for several years as an employee. During that time, Liu got the necessary skills to start and operate a business.

After some time, Qiangdong decided to move back to entrepreneurship. However, this time he decided to start an electronic business. The business registered an instant success and continued growing even after Liu chose to sell his products through the internet. Selling products on the internet was the best decision Liu made because it has made his business famous worldwide.