DHD Takes on the Crisis in Haiti with the Help of Georgette Mulheir

Turmoil has once again taken over Haiti as it struggles through a period led by a dysfunctional parliament and President Juvenal Moise, who many compare to a dictator. Moise has done little to create a timeline for free elections as required. Defend Haiti’s Democracy advocacy group is trying to raise global awareness of the current conditions. DHD is currently led by Georgette Mulheir among other global activists. They are also interacting with Haitian communities to help them understand what must be done to end the violence in Haiti. By pressuring state authorities and holding them accountable for acts of human rights abuse will Haiti be able to end the violence that includes massacres, kidnappings, and the use of children by gangs to carry out these actions so a transitional government can begin the process for free elections.

Georgette Mulheir of DHD has extensive experience working with governments and institutionalized care facilities for children that seem to do more harm to child development than good. Recently she worked at the US/Mexico border helping to bring separated families back together. President Moise has used authoritarian tactics to control Haiti. He has established a secret police, put his allies in power, and coordinated with gangs to carry out violence against people that disagree with the current regime. According to Georgette Mulheir, evidence produced by human rights groups and the US Office of Foreign Assets Control has used this information to change the once supportive mindset of the US government to one that sees the harm being caused and the threat of tainted elections due to new voter laws.

Georgette Mulheir has explained that Jimmy Cherizier, a former police officer, arranges the massacres and kidnappings that take place with little interference from government officials. Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe claims that sending in the police would only make things worse for residents. Children taken from high-risk areas and threatened by gang members carry out the attacks. This fits the theme that Georgette Mulheir is expressing about institutional facilities for at-risk children and the importance of transforming the systems that are supposed to care for them. DHD has partnered with international governments, advocacy groups, and universities to begin the process of figuring out how to restore democracy to Haiti and hopefully bring global focus on the atrocities that are occurring.