Asot Michael — The Change We Need

Asot Michael, born in December of 1969 in the French West Indies of Guadalupe. He holds a BS Degree in Business Administration with double majors in Economics and Finance from Barry University and an MBA Degree from the University of Miami in Business. Asot Michael also received the US Achievements Academy National Award for high Scholastic achievement and acknowledgment from the Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society for Business Administration

In 1191 the honorable Asot Michael became the successful Managing Director at Asot´s Arcade and in 1995 became the Special Administrative Assistant to Judge Lester Bryant Bird. This started a chain reaction propelling him to Chief of Staff in 1997. In March of 1999, he was appointed the Government Senator for the Upper House of Parliament in Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael continued onward and became the Minister of Public Works in January of 2001 with responsibility for Public Works, Communications Insurance, and St. John’s Development. 

Finally, in May 1999 he was appointed the Leader of Government Business while in the Senate. Asot makes it clear that he cares for the people at every turn. He wants to be the person who doesn’t just support progressive change, he fights for it. He’s never doing one job at a time, never holding onto just one title. He is working constantly to do the best for his people. Asot Michael is never afraid to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves regardless of who they are and why they are there. All that matters is that they are people who need a voice to care for and fight for them, and he is going to be that voice.