Chris Brummer Lecturing Broadly On Global Governance, Financial Regulation, and FinTech

Professor Chris Brummer is a lecturer, author, and creator of Washington Financial Technology Week. He teaches at the Law Center of Georgetown University, where he is the head of the Department of International Economic Law Institute.

Dr. Chris Brummer has more than a decade of research experience in developing financial and regulatory policies. His technology has had a significant impact on the way the government carries out its management and regulatory responsibilities. He also shared his experience with nonprofits and decision-makers.

Professor Chris Brummer believes governments and companies contribute to new developments and associated challenges. In addition to being a professor and head of several programs and organizations related to financial regulation, he is also a member of the Future Financial Committee Business Committee and a Working Group member on Financial Security Advisory and European Markets.

Professor Chris Brummer holds several degrees, including honorary degrees and doctoral degrees from Columbia Law School, the University of Chicago. He is also edited and authored many books.

Dr. Chris Brummer’s research focuses on establishing international economic law and how it affects the integrity, security, and stability of the global financial system. He says monetary policy affects the exchange rate, which affects the stability of trade rules and may also affect the revenue that a country receives from its tariff policy.

At the same time, economic leaders of all walks of life will inform and receive information on the options and preferences of their domestic and international counterparts. Thus, Professor Chris Brummer’s research supports a broader view of different cultures regarding different disciplines and approaches.

Dr. Chris Brummer is the Institute of International Economic Law (Georgetown University) dean, the institution that John H. Jackson created in 1999. Brummer aims to promote thinking and learning research, hold stakeholder meetings with leaders in the public and private sectors, and provides information on leadership training related to law and the world economy.